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  • Decorative Coastal Bookends - Lifestyle Tips - MySerenityLove

    Coral Bookends

    Decorative White Coral and Crystal Bookends Set.

    I use this elegant modern coastal style for my bookshelf. Handcrafted designs brings me good feelings.

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  • Nonstick Cookware - Cultural Tips - MySerenityLove

    Nonstick Cookware

    13 Piece Nonstick Cookware. Free of PFOA, PFAS, and Heavy Metals.

    Cooking together with my son is always fun and cultural. We love being creative with new recipes.

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  • Luxury Unisex Spa Robe - Lifestyle Tips - MySerenityLove

    Luxury Unisex Spa Robe

    Luxury unisex spa robe with different color patterns.

    Who doesn’t want to start their day feeling cozy? From experience, it is wonderful to have that spa day comfort feeling right from home.

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  • Mexican Hand Blown Glass Confetti Tumbler

    Mexican Tumbler

    Multipurpose hand blown Mexican confetti glass tumbler.

    My daughter bought me the traditional hand blown glass tumbler and I love it. I use it for water, wine, and other liquids. They are fun and lively.

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  • Waterford Rose Vase v4

    Vase Marquis Waterford Honour

    Marquis Waterford Honour 10″ Crystal Vase.

    I use this elegant vase for my roses and seasonal cut flowers. It deserves to be in your collection and purchased for someone who needs to be reminded that they matter.

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  • TOTE BAG MySerenityLove 1

    Tote Bag Multipurpose

    Affordable and beautifully practical, this tote is something that is fun where you can take to the grocery store, beach, and other daily functions.

    Read 5 Tips for More Mindful Shopping

  • Self-Care for Family Caregivers - MySerenityLove

    Book Self-Care for Family Caregivers

    This book is about improving the life and wellness of Family Caregivers. To learn how to be more resilient for bouncing back.

    Focusing on how not to forget about our own health; mentally and physically. During difficult times, we can do something positive and feel good about it.

    This book was written to be a guide for family caregivers to understand their bodies’ functionality, essential nutrition, necessary activities, how to bounce back, and be healthier and happier!

  • Heart Chakra Sound Healing

    Sound Healing Singing Bowl

    This singing bowl focuses on the heart chakra through the F Note. It is a sound healing quartz crystal singing bowl. 

    This beautiful energy sound helps you focus on meaningful matters by clearing your mind and increasing positive intentions.

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  • Succulent Pot Set

    Succulent Pot Set – Enchanted Talavera

    Indoor Plant Care with Charming Succulent Pot & Dish Set – Enchanted Talavera

    I have pots from the charming Enchanted Talavera brand, and they are worth the quality and brightness they bring to homes!

    Read 3 Indoor Plants to Keep You Calm, Happy, and Healthy & Easy to Maintain

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