3 Ways to Be
Fashionably Chic and Feel Good

It doesn’t matter who you are: When you look good, you feel good! In fact, studies show that if you feel attractive, the confidence boost will lead to increased productivity and even better performance at work. Yet, the outfits can be home worn attitude changers too. That means a great outfit can be a complete game-changer, especially in your work-personal life balance!

Below, we’ll share 3 outfits that are sure to have you looking good and feeling amazing.

Pajamas and Robes

Who cares if you’re not going out for the night? Investing in a cute, luxurious pair of pajamas and robes is a great way to ensure you go to sleep and wake up feeling confident every day.

When it comes to pajamas, prioritize comfort with quality fabrics that keep you calm and cozy.

A robe is another great piece of clothing to consider; Turkish cotton robes are super cozy and light enough to wear around the house all day for maximum comfort.

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Active Wear

There’s no better motivation to hit the gym, get your heart pumping, and keep your body healthy than a great activewear set!

Wearing athletic clothes that you look and feel great in will give you confidence in your abilities, improve your focus, boost your motivation, perform better, and recover faster when you work out.

Yoga pants are a great option, as they’re tighter and thinner than other types of workout pants and bottoms and tend to be quite flattering. Plus, many pairs of yoga pants and other pieces of active wear are stylish enough to take from yoga to brunch, or work to yoga dress pants, meaning you’ll be able to rock them all day! Which is what my daughter does.

The same goes for a great, chic pair of sneakers; whether you’re going for a morning run or just planning to be on your feet all day, the right pair of shoes will provide all the support and style you need.

Scarves or Shawls

When it gets colder out, there’s no chicer addition to your outfit than the perfect scarf or shawl!

This timeless all-season staple will not only keep you warm during all your chilly outings but can be great cover ups during the warmer seasons. It also adds the perfect touch of class that will have you looking and feeling super stylish. There are many ways to style them to add accents to your outfit.

A simple but charming shawl is the perfect complement for a woman’s dress, and as for men, a classy scarf can suit a variety of outfits year-round.

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Look and Feel Good with MySerenity.Love

No matter what outfits you choose, when you look good on the outside, you’re one step closer to feeling great on the inside, no matter where you are – at home, work, or dinner event.

Dressing well is just one part of practicing self-care; at MySerenity.Love, we want to help you every step of the way! For more self-care tips–especially for those who are caretakers of loved ones – check out my latest book, and remember that we’re always here, providing more tips.


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