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A place providing uplifting serenity tips for self-care. Because experiencing a healthier and happier life matters. Self-care matters. You matter.

Our mission is to provide you information about a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle. In reality, there are thoughts and feelings that interfere with daily activities and functions that impact our emotion and attitude. For this reason, attaining peace and serenity is knowing that you are in charge of how you operate your life.

Want Uplifting Serenity Tips for Self-Care?

Feeling meaningful is the fulfilling quality of well-being and knowing the value of what matters most. By the same token, through a healthy lifestyle, one can restore energy and feel good. In the same fashion, embracing cultural strength can help build resilience.

With this in mind, click Learn More below to discover tips that are intended to uplift, transform, and enhance your journey.

Meaningful Tips - MySerenityLove

Meaningful Tips

Find the essence of how to create a meaningful journey. In order to discover ways that lead you to ultimate happiness, through self-care before helping others.

Lifestyle Tips - MySerenity.Love

Lifestyle Tips

Taking care of yourself is a healthy lifestyle choice and does not make you selfish. Because of this, I provide tips to help you feel good about yourself.

Cultural Tips - MySerenity.Love

Cultural Tips

Each country’s culture contributes differently to our healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the tips I provide show a sample of some of the countries' cultural strength.


Self-Care for Family Caregivers: How to be More Resilient for Bouncing Back

This book is about improving the life and wellness of Family Caregivers.

Focusing on how not to forget about our own health; mentally and physically. During difficult times, you can do something positive and feel good about it.

Doing this with joy, laughter, and togetherness, this book was written to be a quick guide for family caregivers to understand their bodies’ functionality, essential nutrition, necessary activities, and how to bounce back and have fun!

GRAPES for Your Happiness:
6-Step Actionable Formula that Uplifts Your Life

Ellie Nazemoff’s GRAPES Formula for Uplifting Your Happiness™ is an acronym mnemonic that stands for Gratitude, Resilience, Attitude, Purpose, Experience, and Self-Care.

In this book, Ellie takes you on a transformational journey through the sequential order and process of the mindset (GRA) and the character (PES) stages necessary to elevate your happiness for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Additionally, she shares how understanding the symbolic structure of grapes – their benefits, behavior, and character – is key to uplifting your own happiness.

GRAPES: Journal for My Happiness

This journal has been designed to help boost your daily DOSE of the four happy hormones (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) by writing the GRAPES elements to uplift your life and happiness.

With morning and evening pages dedicated to each of the elements, you will practice and apply the GRAPES Formula for Uplifting Your Happiness™, as found in the book titled, GRAPES for Your Happiness.

The morning pages are intentions you set for the day. The evening pages are reflections from the day and actions for the next day to come.

The GRAPES Formula for Uplifting Your Happiness™ is an acronym mnemonic that stands for Gratitude, Resilience, Attitude, Purpose, Experience, and Self-Care.

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