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Uplifting cultural tips for self-care are a sample of lifestyle practices. After all they are adopted from different countries based on their strength and characteristics.

Equally important, each country’s culture contributes differently to our healthy lifestyle. Usually with their foods, some with their sport activities, and others with their behavioral beliefs.

With this in mind, at the bottom section of this page, are blogs that are frequently updated and posted. Because the purpose is to stimulate various cultural experience in your life that provide uplifting benefits.

Uplifting Cultural Tips for Self-Care

Uplifting Cultural Tips for Self-Care


If you are interested in tasty, delicious, and healthy foods, you should try Persian (Iranian) cuisine!

Because most of the meals are high in protein and rich in vegetables with a balanced combination of seeds, herbs, mixed petals, vegetables, and saffron.

Hence, these may improve mood and treat depressive symptoms.


Mexicans are known for good food. Thus, why they are always in a good mood. 

After all, avocados are rich in omega-3, which is good for the mood and brain health. 

Not to mention, avocados have a good source of folate.

Mexico Img
Uplifting Cultural Tips for Self-Care


Japanese yoga (Shin-shin-toitsu-do) enhances the mind and body integration into calmness

They also use incense therapy to calm the mind.


Kneading bread dough is manual work.

If you do it right with love and enjoyment it can be a relaxing activity. 

Italians fight stress with the pizza “fatta in casa” ritual. To make a pizza “fatta in casa” you need to work physically with your hands to mix yeast with water and flour.

Italy Img
Uplifting Cultural Tips for Self-Care


Spain has a rich horse equestrian sport and cultural tradition. The Andalusian Spanish Pure Bred (aka Pura Raza Española) is believed to be the most ancient riding horse in the world.

When you spend time with animals and horseback riding, it releases a hormone called serotonin. For this reason, it can improve your mood and reduce your stress levels.

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