6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Books and Magazines Organized

It’s amazing how many books and magazines one can accumulate over the years! And while having tons of options to choose from is great, it can be difficult to organize them all. Reading is a great way to relax and unwind. It can serve as an important “me-time” for anyone, especially those caring for loved ones.

But staying organized can be great for your mental health; one study found that organized women have lower stress levels than those living in cluttered environments. That’s why we’re here to share some fun, easy ways to keep your books and magazines organized.

Display Them in Your Favorite Spot

When it comes to your most beautiful books and prized possessions, there’s no need to store them away where no one can see them!

Place a few of your favorites in a small stack on your coffee table or desk. Show off collectibles in a display case or line the most beautiful spines up on a windowsill.

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Declutter and Donate

While letting possessions go can be difficult, it’s often a necessary part of staying organized.

Take a moment to go through your books and magazines using Marie Kondo’s method; which sparks joy. Determine which can you do without?

Consider donating the ones you’re ready to get rid of by placing them in a Little Free Library, giving them to a charity shop, or even passing them along to a friend or community center.

Use Label Makers

Got a lot of books and magazines you want to keep track of based on category? Label-makers can be a lifesaver.

Consider creating labeled binders for your magazines or placing books into labeled containers for storage.

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Choose Beautiful Storage Methods

Putting books and magazines in storage doesn’t have to mean using basic plastic containers. Get creative with it!

Beautiful baskets to keep in the living room, vintage trunks to add some flair to your space, and even floating shelves to display some of your favorites are all great options for staying organized while also adding a personal touch.

Color Code

Bring a beautiful rainbow into your home by grouping books and magazines together based on color!

Start by sorting your books and magazines into piles of different-colored covers, then place them on your shelves in rainbow order. It’s sure to brighten a space.

Coffee and bookg

Create a Reading Nook

We don’t have all of the space in our home to have a robust library–but you can create a small reading nook!

All it takes is a bookshelf filled with your favorite books and magazines and a nice comfy chair to sit and read in. Throw in a lamp for maximum coziness, and you’ve got yourself the perfect space to store your reading materials and relax after a long day.

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